Terms & Conditions 


How long will it take to create my set?

Current Processing/ turn around time is 7-14 days. Orders may be completed sooner, based on incoming orders and work flow. We ask that you allow the full processing time prior to sending emails for completion date.


When will I receive my nails?

All sets have a processing time of 7-14 days. Once mailed, Royal Mail will be able to provide and estimated date and  tracking of when package will be delivered. Please allow 24-48 hours for shipping details to update.


Can I pay to rush my order?

Yes. There is a Rush option for custom sets for a fee of £20. Please note that if you select that option it brings your processing time down to 2-5 days.


How much does shipping cost?

United Kingdom 
Standard: 2-4 days - £3.69
Express: 1-3 days - £6.35

Free shipping for orders over £65!


Standard: 2-11 business days - £3.25
Economy: 10-15 business days - £3.20


United States/Canada
Standard: 3-17 business days - £4.20
Economy: 10-60 business days - £3.20


Standard: 3-17 business days - £6.75
Economy: 10-60 business days - £6.55


We are working to find the most economic express option for the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. 


Does paying for expedited shipping mean that I'll get my nails in 2 days?

No. Orders are processed in the order received. Our processing timeframe applies to ALL orders. Paying for expedited shipping simply means that you will get your order in 2 days after the processing timeframe has ended. 


Do we ship internationally?

Yes, we do! Shipping timeframes will vary depending on the shipping handler. International fees and import taxes may apply. Please verify the fees associated with your country prior to ordering. You are responsible for any duties/fees requested by your country for deliverance of your order.


United States/Canada
Standard: 3-17 business days - £4.20
Economy: 10-60 business days - £3.20


Standard: 3-17 business days - £6.75
Economy: 10-60 business days - £6.55


Loss or theft issues?

Once items have been mailed, we are not responsible for issues (loss/theft) with shipping, please speak with your local post office for shipping issues or concerns. Refunds will not be given due to shipping issues. 


I provided the incorrect mailing address, what happens to my order?

If an order is returned due to client providing the wrong mailing address, the client is responsible for paying new shipping fee. The order will not be refunded, due to set being completed as originally requested up on initial order. Please contact us via email at ceejaysbeautybarltd@gmail.com so that a new shipping invoice can be sent via email to you.

Are sets reusable?

Yes! With proper care and storage of the nail sets you can continually reuse each set. If using nail glue, sets can be reused after careful filing off glue.


How do I apply the nails?

First Push Back cuticles using cuticle pusher included in kit 

File surface of nail bed (included in kit)

Use alcohol to clean the nail surface

Nail dehydrator can be applied (optional) 

Apply either nail glue (included in kit) or nail tabs to nail 

Attach press on nail, hold for a 30-60 seconds

Enjoy your fashionable salon quality mani!


Will my nails pop off?

No. With proper application your nails will be able to withstand daily tasks and depending on your method (glue or tabs) can be worn anywhere from hours to 2-3 weeks.

What is included with each set?

You will receive your chosen nail set, and Introduction kit which includes nail file, nail buffer, Nail glue, alcohol wipe Instruction card and cuticle pusher. 


Can I request a custom design?

Yes you can. If it’s a modification of an existing design you can just make the notes on the order. Then email with your order number if you have pictures. 

If it’s a completely new design, then you can email me at ceejaysbeautybar@gmail.com with as much detail as possible including inspo pics if you have any. I’d be happy to help bring your vision to life! 

How do I find my nail sizes?

You have three options for finding the correct nail size.

We offer nail sizing kits which can be purchased in the length and shape you would like. This is the most accurate way to get your nail size. 

You can measure your nail beds using measuring tape. It is highly recommended that you use the millimeter side of the measuring tape for accurate measurements. Please do not use a ruler. To measure, center the measuring tape in the middle of your nail bed, width wise, and measure from sidewall to sidewall. For additonal assistance, please refer to our "Nail size chart" section on our site.

If both these methods are not an option, you can check out our video on how to size your nails on TikTok.

Can I be refunded?

Yes, if order is cancelled within 24 hours from time of purchase.

Refunds will NOT be given for client selecting wrong size, design or issues with shipping. It is the client's responsibility to order correct size, CeeJay’s Beauty Bar is not responsible for selection chosen.

Can I return or exchange my set?

Due to the fact that all CeeJay’s Beauty Bar sets are made to order, all sales will be made final and WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. 

Please check your cart before purchasing to ensure that you have the correct items. We are NOT responsible for you ordering the wrong items.

If item is damaged when received please contact CeeJay’s Beauty Bar via email (ceejaysbeautybarltd@gmail.com)and include photo of damaged product and we will determine if you will be sent a new set.